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NAQ Nutrition is a non-profit, community based organisation which provides nutrition and health education in the Qld community.  NAQ has a long established Feeding Supplements Service to generate income to support its work within the community.

NAQ Nutrition Feeding Supplements Service offers support to the general public, care facilities and pharmacies by providing advice and access to nutrition feeding supplements.

Benefits of NAQ Nutrition’s Feeding Supplements Service include:

  • Extensive product range
  • Very competitive prices
  • Small and mixed orders are welcomed
  • Prompt delivery
  • Ready access to independent nutrition advice from Accredited Practising Dietitians


About Nutritional Supplements:

There are a wide variety of commercial nutritional supplements on the market today. These supplements can be used to increase the intake of protein and energy in the diet, as well as providing additional vitamins or minerals.  Your Dietitian or Doctor may recommend high energy supplements to:

  • “top-up” your intake to ensure you meet your nutritional requirements
  • totally meet your nutritional needs

Supplements are available in a variety of energy concentrations and in different forms (powder, liquid, puddings) and flavours (fruity, milky, neutral, savoury).


About Thickeners:

For people with swallowing difficulties, thickened fluids are often required.  There are 3 levels of thickened fluids:

  • Mildly thick – level 150
  • Moderately thick – level 400
  • Extremely thick – level 900

Your speech pathologist should inform you which thickness is appropriate for you.  We sell pre-thickened drinks and thickening powders that can be used to thicken fluids to the appropriate thickness.


Supplement Service Info

If you need a supplement that is not listed on our product list please contact us to obtain information about availability and special orders.


How to Order


(07) 3257 4393

Monday – Friday 9am-3pm


(07) 3257 4616


[email protected]

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from 12/ 212 Curtin Avenue West, Eagle Farm


We sell products from the following suppliers:

  • Precise
  • Nestle Health Science
  • Abbott Nutrition
  • Flavour Creations
  • Janbak
  • MG Nutritionals
  • Nutricia
  • Orfam
  • Prime Nutrition

We sell – Ensure, Sustagen Hospital Formula, Enprocal, Fortisip, Proform, Advital, Ensure Plus Juce, Fortijuice, Resource Fruit Beverage, Ensure Liquid, Ensure Plus, Fortisip, Resource Plus, Sustagen RTD, Ensure Two Cal, Resource 20.0, Fortisip Multifibre, Resource 2.0 Fibre, Resource Protein, Fortisip Compact Protein, Beneprotein, Protifar, Arginaid Extra, Arginaid, Enprocal Repair, Cubitan, Glucerna SR, Glucerna, Sustagen Hospital Formula Diabetic, Sustagen Hospital Diabetic, Diasip, Novasource Renal, Renilon 4.0, Renilon 7.5, Nepro, Calogen, Calogen Extra, Benecalorie, Impact Advanced Recovery, Pre-Op, Pulmocare, Carb Plus, Polyjoule, Boost Jelly Crystals, Boost Soup, Fruits with Attitude, Smooth Fruits, Smooth Beef & Red Wine Casserole, Flavour Creations Pre Thickened Drinks, Resource ThickenUp Hydration, Ensure Pudding, Forticreme Pudding, Sustagen Instant Pudding Powder, Quik Thik, Janbak, Resource Thicken Up Clear, Nutilis Thickener, Easythick Rapid, Instant Thick, Thickplus, Precise Thick-N Instant.


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