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Are you keen to kick start 2014 with a great NEW and easy fundraiser for your setting?

Look no further than NAQ Nutrition’s new children’s storybook. It is fun, innovative, promotes health and can fundraise for your setting at the same time!

“I’m having a rainbow for dinner” is a bright and colourful children’s storybook developed NAQ Nutrition, in which Kate must help Josh (a superhero) regain his superpowers by eating lots of different coloured vegetables and fruit. Helpful tips, recipes and games are also included in the book, to help parents integrate healthy eating messages through daily life with their children.

Why choose to fundraise?

We do the work for you! All you need to do is promote, collect and return the order forms to NAQ Nutrition in a replied paid envelope and disseminate the storybooks ordered to your parents and families.

By choosing to participate in the fundraiser, we will send you a kit which includes:

  • an A3 poster to promote the fundraiser in your centre
  • a copy of the storybook – to display with the order forms so parents and families can view the book before they purchase
  • 25 hard copies of the order forms – to give to parents and families
  • a reply paid envelope – for you to collate your orders and send back to us for processing.



An electronic order form will also be emailed to you for circulation to your parents and


“I’m Having a Rainbow for Dinner” storybooks sells for $14 and you will receive $2 for your setting with every book sold.


To take part in this great opportunity,or for more information, contact NAQ Nutrition on phone

(07) 3257 4393 or email [email protected]  so we can get the fundraising kit to you. Envelopes with completed order forms will be due back to us by the end of April 2014.