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NAQ Nutrition provides support and services to sports clubs to help them promote healthy eating and improve their food supply, making it easier for the community to make healthier choices.



NAQ Services for your Sports Clubs


Seminars and Workshops


Feeding Active Kids (45 minutes)

This presentation is ideal for parents and team coaches and managers.  Topics include general nutrition for growing and active children and teenagers and nutrition for performance.


Get into Good Food (45 minutes)

This presentation is designed for players.  The presentation can be tailored to meet the needs of different age groups, from 13 years to senior players.  Topics include healthy eating and nutrition and hydration for performance.  Presentations for younger groups include the interactive ‘Food for Us’ activity.


Workshop – Creating a Health Promoting Club & Canteen (90 minutes)

This interactive workshop is designed for club canteen conveners and committee members.  The workshop explores simple and effective strategies for better promoting good health and nutrition in your club environment.


Specialised Nutrition Presentations

A specialised nutrition presentation or activity can be developed to meet specific needs.



Makeovers and Menu Reviews


Canteen Menu Review

Have your club canteen menu reviewed by a qualified Dietitian and receive feedback through a detailed report with recommendations on meal and snack suggestions, recipes and menu design.


Healthy Sporting Club Makeover

  • 1 x Canteen menu review, including written report
  • 1 x Copy of the Creating a Health Promoting Club Resource
  • 1 x Creating a Health Promoting Canteen Workshop
  • 3 x On-site meetings with canteen conveners
  • 1 x On-site meeting with club committee
  • 2 x Nutrition education sessions (eg. with parents, players and coaches and managers)


Contact us for more information and a quote:

Phone – (07) 3257 4393

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Supporting the Implementation of the Food for Sport Guidelines


The Queensland Government Food for Sport Guidelines were released in October 2010.  With funding from the Queensland Government, the Australian Drug Foundation through their Good Sports Program has developed a program to assist clubs to implement the Food for Sport Guidelines.  They provide supporting resources and ongoing support for clubs implementing the Good Sports Alcohol + Healthy Eating Accreditation Program.

NAQ Nutrition provided key input into the development of the Qld Government’s Food for Sport Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy as an active member of the Food for Sport Steering Group (2009-2011).

We are a Food for Sport Implementation Project partner, providing expert advice on nutrition and food supply strategy implementation to the Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports Program.