Nutrition Information for all Ages

We believe eating is about food. We aim to empower the Queensland community with skills and knowledge so everyone is better able to access and prepare healthy food, no matter where and in what social circumstance they live.

As Queensland’s most experienced community nutrition organisation, Nutrition Australia Qld are a trusted source of nutrition information, staffed by a team of skilled, compassionate professionals.

Our Team


Carly Booth

Dietitian/Nutritionist APD; Trainer and Assessor

Bachelor of Nutrition Science / Bachelor of Media and Communication; Master of Dietetics Studies; Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 

Carly is an Accredited Practicing Dietitan with a background in media and communication. She is committed to promoting a balanced approach to healthy eating and wellbeing through effective and engaging nutrition and food education. Carly also delivers a wide range of nutrition education sessions for all age groups.

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