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ACNAS Training and Services

Nutrition Education Sessions and Staff In-Services

NAQ Nutrition will visit your facility to conduct nutrition education sessions, workshops and in-services specifically tailored to meet the needs of your facility and your staff. We will provide up to date education information and staff training on a variety of topics in sessions ranging from 45 minutes to full day seminars or workshops. Popular topics include:

Malnutrition and Nutrition Screening

Topics include:

Understanding malnutrition

Screening methods

Strategies to prevent and manage malnutrition

Managing Food and Drink when Swallowing Problems Occur

Topics include:

  • The Australian Standards
  • Understanding dysphagia
  • Achieving optimal nutrition and hydration
  • Successfully thickening fluids

Dementia and Nutrition

Topics include:

  • Understanding dementia
  • Achieving optimal nutrition
  • Finger Foods

Using High Energy – High Protein Supplements

Topics include:

  • Clients/ Patients requiring additional nutrition support
  • High Protein High Energy Diets as first line treatment
  • When and how to use supplement drinks and modules

Nutrition and Wound Care

Topics include:

  • Risk factors for wounds
  • Nutrition in the prevention of wounds
  • Nutrition in the treatment of wounds

Menu Planning

Topics include:

  • Nutrition and the elderly
  • Planning a nutritious menu in line with the Commonwealth Accreditation Standards
  • Catering for special diets

Safe Food Handling

Topics include:

  • Basic food hygiene principles
  • Safe food storage and temperature control
  • Cooling and reheating food and avoiding food contamination

Discounts apply for Aged Care Nutrition Advisory Service Subscribers.

For further information or to discuss your facilities needs, please contact our office.

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