OSHC – Professional Development and Training

OSHC – Professional Development and Training

Our team of Dietitians provide professional development and training for educators working in OSHC settings that either provide food for children or where parents provide food. Each of the following workshops can be delivered in person or virtually. All participants can receive a certificate of completion after attending a workshop.

Safe Food Handling in OSHC Settings (1.5hrs)

Ensure your staff are working with the most current food safety skills and requirements. This workshop includes practical activities to upskill staff in applying safe food handling practices. Topics covered include food safety hazards, controlling bacteria, personal hygiene, and safe food handling.

Food Safety Supervisor Course for OSHC Settings (full day course)

This face to face food safety supervisor course includes OSHC industry specific content and is designed with the needs of our students in mind. This nationally recognised training will prepare you to supervise and oversee day to day operations and to prevent and recognise food safety hazards.

Meeting Nutrition Requirements in OSHC Settings (1.5hrs)

This interactive workshop will increase your staffs understanding of nutrition needs for children and how to improve the food environment of your setting. This session aligns with nutrition guidelines within the National Quality Standard (NQS), Australian Dietary Guidelines and Smart Choices Strategy. Topics covered include nutrition requirements for children, food allergies and intolerances, and mealtimes.

Meeting Nutrition & Food Safety Requirements in OSHC Settings (1.5hrs)

This is an interactive and informative session which aligns with the National Quality Standard (NQS), Australian Dietary Guidelines and Smart Choices Strategy. Staff learn the essential of safe food handling, and also learn about nutrition requirements for children.

Managing Allergies and Intolerances (1.5hrs)

This workshop provides educators and staff with the information and skills to best manage food allergies and intolerances in their setting, and practical strategies to support families and children in their care. Participants will learn about risk minimisation, identifying allergens, integrated menus, and communicating with families.

Positive Mealtimes & Intuitive Eating (1.5hrs)

This practical and interactive workshop explores strategies for Educators to make mealtimes with children in care positive, relaxed and social. Topics covered include the mealtime environment, strategies for encouraging intuitive eating, using positive food language, and requirements of the National Quality Framework.

Food & Behaviour (1.5hrs)

Have you ever thought there might be a link between food, eating patterns and behaviour? This session provides Educators with the skills and knowledge to identify foods and eating patterns that can cause undesirable behaviours, poor health and poor learning outcomes in children, so that they can better support the wellbeing of children and their families.


We offer self-paced food safety and nutrition training options online through our partner In Safe Hands. These online training options are specifically designed for those working in OSHC settings. Click on the button below to view online training options.