Nutrition Australia Qld's Aged Care Nutrition Advisory Service

We aim to empower Queensland and Northern Territory residential aged care facilities and respite services with skills, knowledge and confidence to promote and support optimal nutrition for their residents.

As Queensland’s most experienced community nutrition organisation, we are a trusted source of nutrition information, staffed by a team of skilled, compassionate professionals. We identify client needs, develop creative and innovative solutions and deliver sustainable outcomes.

Why subscribe to ACNAS?

ACNAS 2021 – 2022 Framework Focus


For the 2021-2022 subscription year, the Aged Care Nutrition Advisory Service will focus on four themes. Each theme will include focused discussion, resources, and information to help you apply best practice in nutrition and food service at your facility.

The four themes we will look at over the year include:

July – September 2021 – NUTRITION AND DEMENTIA
April – June 2022 – FOOD FOR QUALITY OF LIFE


ADDITIONAL subscriber benefits include:
  • Free quarterly Zoom professional development sessions run by our dietitians
  • Free access to professional nutrition advice with our aged care dietitians
  • Updates and information about the Aged Care Quality Standards
  • Access to NAQ Nutrition’s supplement and tube feeding service with a 2.5% discount
  • Competitively priced online training and learning opportunities
  • Monthly subscription to the ACNAS e-newsletter including recipes and nutrition updates
  • Access to the ‘subscribers only’ area of the ACNAS website


If you have any questions regarding subscription please get in touch with the ACNAS team by email or phone (07) 3257 4393.




Our Team

Ms Rosie Mohr

Dietitian/Nutritionist APD

Bachelor Health Science (Nutrition & Dietetics)

As the coordinator of  our ACNAS program, Rosie provides advice and support for residential aged care facilities to assist them in meeting the nutritional requirements for their residents. Rosie coordinates individual resident consultations, workshops and in-services, prepares practical resources for subscribers, and conducts menu and mealtime quality assessments alongside our Accredited Practising Dietitians. She is passionate about making sure people living in aged care have access to meals which are nourishing, delicious and evoke positive spirits and memories.


Further Information

For further information about our services, download a copy of the ACNAS Services List or contact our Queensland office.

Office hours:

Mon – Fri 9:00am – 3:30 pm

Ph: (07) 3257 4393