Menu and Mealtime Quality Assessments for Aged Care Settings

Menu and Mealtime Quality Assessments for Aged Care Settings

Are you due for a Menu and Mealtime Quality Assessment? Having your menu assessed regularly by our aged care dietitians ensures your facility:

  • Is meeting nutrition and hydration needs of the consumers in your care and catering for the unique needs of the elderly
  • Aligns with the Aged Care Quality Standards
  • Promotes consumer choice, dignity, and a positive dining experience for consumers

Completed by our team of Accredited Practising Dietitians experienced in aged care, we liaise closely with your facility at each stage of your assessment to ensure your needs are met and questions are answered. We have two menu assessment options to suit your needs.

Our standard menu assessment includes:

  • Onsite visit (where possible) including interviews with key staff members
  • Review of menu and recipes for nutrition, variety and tailoring to the needs of consumers (IDDSI diets, allergies, cultural dietary requirements etc.)
  • Comprehensive report and recommendations

Our all-inclusive menu assessments includes:

  • Everything included in a standard menu assessment PLUS
  • A full day mealtime experience audit and meal audit
  • A review of nutrition policies and processes

Once we determine the type of menu assessment best suited for you, we will need copies of your menu, recipes and nutrition policies and procedures. We then conduct meetings with key staff to gather the information needed to complete a comprehensive report. We will also provide follow up support to discuss implementation of recommendations from your report.

What is involved in our Menu Assessment process?

Our standard menu assessment can be completed remotely, whereas all-inclusive menu assessments must be completed in person. For best practice, at a minimum we recommend facilities have a standard menu assessment annually, and an all-inclusive menu assessment every 2 years.