Aged Care – Professional Development and Training

Aged Care – Professional Development and Training

Our team of Dietitians provide professional development and training for care and catering staff working in residential aged care and respite care. Most of the following workshops can be delivered in person or virtually. All participants can receive a certificate of completion after attending a workshop. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We can tailor a workshop to suit you, contact us to find out more.

Safe Food Handling in Early Years Settings (1.5hrs)

Ensure your staff are working with the most current food safety skills and requirements. This workshop includes practical activities to upskill staff in applying safe food handling practices. Topics covered include food safety hazards, controlling bacteria, personal hygiene, and safe handling of infant formula and expressed breastmilk.

Food Safety Supervisor Course for Aged Care Settings (full day course)

This face to face food safety supervisor course includes aged care industry specific content and is designed with the needs of our students in mind. This nationally recognised training will prepare you to supervise and oversee day to day operations and to prevent and recognise food safety hazards. 

Nutrition & Hydration in Residential Aged Care (1hr)

This workshop provides kitchen and care staff with an overview of best practice management of nutrition and hydration. Topics include malnutrition prevention and identification, staff roles, protected mealtimes, high protein high energy diets, food fortification and supplement use.

Menu Planning in Residential Aged Care (2-3 hours)

This session will provide catering staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence to create menus that are nutritious, enjoyable, and meet special dietary needs of consumers. Participants will learn about food group requirements and key nutrition considerations, texture modified diets, the menu planning process, and developing standard recipes.


We offer self-paced food safety online training through our partner In Safe Hands, specifically designed for those working in aged care.

Level 1 – Safe Food Handling for the Aged Care Sector

Our Online Food Safety training covers the food safety basics that all staff working in the aged sector need to be aware of and ensures your staff are skilled and confident in their ability to provide safe food for residents at your aged care facility.