Lamb Moussaka

Lamb Moussaka

Honey Roasted Chicken and Pears

White Chocolate Berry Tirimisu

Hummus three ways

Lamb Ragu

Mediterranean Baked Fish

Spiced Apple and Rice Pudding

Spanish Chicken Traybake

Soup Toppers

Chicken and Corn Noodle Soup

Chicken Stroganoff

Curried Lentil and Vegetable Soup

Italian brown lentil and vegetable soup

Semolina Pudding

Weetbix and date loaf

Brown rice and cashew salad

Egg and vegetable breakfast slice

Carrot and pecan cake

Carrot and zucchini slice

Ginger chicken meatballs

Minestrone Soup

Easy Overnight Oats

Apple and walnut loaf

Mexican layered dip

Lentil loaf

Homemade baked beans

Oat and bean peanut butter biscuits

Cannellini bean spread for sandwiches

Split pea, ham and vegetable soup

Red lentil and vegetable soup

Chocolate kidney bean muffins

Trio of dips

Quinoa salad with artichoke and mixed beans

Chocolate chip biscuits

Vegetable and chickpea couscous salad

Neapolitan vegetable slice

Christmas Canapés – Sweet and Savoury

Refreshing Fruit and Vegetable Juices

Mashed Vegetable Variations

Cherry Tomato and Baby Spinach Frittata