Food Foundations Menu Reviews

Food Foundations Menu Reviews

Reviewing your child care menu and nutrition practices will support your centre to meet the National Quality Standards, but more importantly, ensure the children in your care are receiving nutritious foods for growing healthy minds and bodies.

Why review your menu?

Having your menu reviewed is a quality improvement activity where you will receive support from an experienced early years Dietitian to: 

  • Improve provision of the five core food groups and reduce the amount of discretionary foods on your menu
  • Support your centre cook in menu planning to meet 50% of children’s dietary requirements
  • Get ideas for snacks, meals and simple recipe modifications
  • Get more positive feedback from parents about your centre menu

What is included?

  • A meeting with a Food Foundations Dietitian onsite, virtually or over the phone
  • Review of a 4 week menu
  • A comprehensive report with detailed assessment and recommendations
  • Follow up phone support

Menu Review Options

We have three different levels of menu reviews to choose from.

Level 1: Review your centre menu against the Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADG)

Level 2: Review of menu against the ADG, plus review of infant feeding practices against the Infant Feeding Guidelines and Get Up & Grow Guidelines

Level 3: Review of menu against the ADG, review of infant feeding practices, plus review of mealtimes, nutrition practices and policies against National Quality Standard element 2.1.3