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Bread and cereal alternatives for sandwiches in lunchboxes

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The humble sandwich is such an easy lunchbox staple, but there are many other alternatives if you want to change it up or if your children are not eating their sandwiches.  The main thing to remember with any lunchbox, is that it is all about balance and a variety of the food groups.  It is easy to replace a sandwich; you just have to replace what food groups the sandwich includes.

For example, if you want to replace a meat and cheese sandwich, some alternatives which include the same food groupcould be:

  1. Cheese cubes, 1 piece of fruit bread and a boiled egg
  2. Plain natural yoghurt, crackers with vegemite and some cold cooked chicken
  3. Baked beans, dry cereal (eg Cheerios) and cheese cubes

Listed below are some alternatives to break from the bread and cereal food group.  Often with children, the ‘platter’ type finger food lunchboxes can work really well.

  • Pita/ pocket bread
  • Lavash bread or wraps
  • Fruit bread/raisin toast/fruit bun
  • Bagels
  • Rice- eg. cold leftover fried rice
  • Cous cous or quinoa – e.g. cold leftover cous cous salad
  • Pizza – made on pita/Lebanese bread or English muffins
  • Pasta – cold cooked plain or with a sauce
  • Noodles – cold cooked plain or with a sauce
  • Muffins – any variety with low sugar
  • Crumpets
  • Crackers/crispbreads/corn thins
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Pikelets- plain, savoury or with fruit such as berries
  • Scones- plain, pumpkin, savoury or fruit
  • Rice cakes with vegemite, avocado, sliced banana or cheese & tomato
  • Sushi
  • Sandwich sushi
  • Finger food platter – and include rice crackers or bread sticks