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Does your menu provide children with the recommended number of serves from the 5 food groups each and every day?

Is it consistent with the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Australian Government guidelines Get Up & Grow?

Food Foundations Menu Assessments are based on requirements of the National Quality Standard, specifically Element 2.2.1 “Healthy eating is promoted and food and drinks provided by the service are nutritious and appropriate for each child”.

4 weeks of your menu are assessed to ensure children in your care are receiving 50% of their daily nutritional requirements each day from morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Food Foundations Menu Assessments include an onsite visit and comprehensive report completed by one of our qualified dietitians/nutritionists. You can read more here.

Cost:     $440 for Food Foundations members

$522.50 for non members

For more information or to book a menu assessment today please contact the Food Foundations team on 07 3257 4393 or email

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