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Introducing the NEW Magnificent Menu Award!

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The Food Foundations program has recently introduced the Magnificent Menu award. This accolade is awarded to settings who complete a menu assessment with the Food Foundations program and meet the minimum serves for the five food groups for children while in care.

One of the centres who have recently received this award is Head Start Montessori Whole Foods Kitchen, operated by Wholefood Canteen.


Head Start Montessori which has two locations Samford and Redbank lovingly cook more than 7200 meals each month. All of the meals provided are prepared from scratch with nourishing, wholefood ingredients and dishes include Spelt Pumpkin Brownies; Chicken Rissoles with peas and corn; sultana cous cous salad; and carrot with tahini dip and crackers and oat cakes (which they happen to make themselves too!)

The foods that are served are not only nutritious but the children love them. The centre has observed (with delight!) even the pickiest of eaters coming back for seconds and thirds and trying foods that they had previously never eaten or refused to eat.

“Wow Miss Elisha! My belly is singing it’s so happy!”



The centre also encourages healthy eating in a variety of other activities. They work with Cityfood Growers Urban-Agriculture and provide an organic vegetable garden at their Samford location. The garden is currently growing cucumbers, beans, zucchini, tomatoes, pak choy, spinach and lettuce.  The children are involved in all aspects of the garden from growing, cooking and eating the fresh produce.  The children are also involved in composting and worm farms at the centre.

If you would like to read more about Head Start Montessori or the wholefood canteen you can go on their website

If you would like to enquire about Food Foundations Menu Assessments and the Magnificent Menu Award, please email