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Learning experiences when using an external caterer

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When using an external caterer, are you aware of the learning experiences you could be including for the children in your care that encompass this style of food provision?


There are many learning experiences in discussing how food is made offsite and transferred/delivered to your setting.  These include food preparation, using external kitchens and chefs cook and food safety (i.e. food transportation, reheating, storage).


The life cycle of how the food reaches your setting includes:


  1. Food made offsite
  2. Food transported in a truck/vehicle
  3. Food delivered to your setting. Staff member accepts the delivery, stores food, prepares food, serves food. You could discuss when the food is delivered (i.e. weekly)
  4. Food reheated / prepared for the children – who does this, how long does it take
  5. Food served and consumed in the rooms



You may wish to conduct critical reflections in your setting that discuss the 5 points above. Are you discussing them and using them as learning experiences with the children? This is a unique style of food provision and many opportunities are available to incorporate new learnings for the children.