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Meal times around the world

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Meal time traditions and routines can vary around the world. Below we have listed a few meal time routines that you may be able to incorporate into learning experiences and meal times at your early years setting.



These meals can be served on low tables surrounded by comfy cushions. Mealtimes with family and extended family play an important part of daily life



It is an Indian custom to eat with your right hand. Remember to wash your hands first!


European Countries

In these countries salads may be served after, rather than before, the main dish


South Korea

It is a sign of respect and an important custom for everyone to wait to eat until the oldest person/people lifts their utensil (i.e. chopstick or spoon) before everyone starts eating.



Dishes usually come in their own utensil – they don’t mix their foods together on one plate. Chopsticks are commonly used.


How to eat with Chopsticks:

  • Hold your chopsticks towards their end, and not in the middle or the front third.
  • When you are not using your chopsticks and when you are finished eating, lay them down in front of you with the tip to left
  • Do not pass food with your chopsticks directly to somebody else’s chopsticks
  • Do not move your chopsticks around in the air too much, nor play with them.
  • Do not move around plates or bowls with chopsticks

To separate a piece of food into two pieces, exert controlled pressure on the chopsticks while moving them apart from each other