Does your school tuckshop want to save some money?

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Did you Know? Queensland Schools saved nearly $4m using the Department’s Standing Offer Arrangements (SOA) for the 2012 school year. The Department of Education’s procurement unit can help your school whether you are a government, or a non government school, save money by utilising their Standing Offer arrangements  with suppliers of a range of items including many which will be of interest to school tuckshops and canteens, or any groups catering food events at the school.


What is an SOA? An SOA is a result of a tender process, conducted through the department of Education’s Corporate Procurement Branch. Products and services available on an SOA have been evaluated as value for money products or services and the terms and conditions of the arrangement are written to protect the department not the supplier. Once an SOA is in place, the suppliers on the arrangement are required to provide the products or perform the services at the agreed discounted price and within the agreed timeframes.


Who can access an SOA? All State, non-State schools (including Catholic Education and Independent Schools) and TAFE Institutes.


How do I access the Department’s pricing structures and discounts? By quoting the SOA number (e.g. DETE100915 or DETE101060) when placing your order.


Education Queensland Standing Offer Arrangements (SOA) Along with a number of SOA’s the Department has recently awarded the following two Standing Offer Arrangements (SOA) for provision of food and food related items.


DETE100915 Fresh Food for South East Queensland Provision of fresh bread, fruit and vegetables, seafood, meat and poultry, dairy, delicatessen items,  nuts, seeds and dried fruit.


Preferred Suppliers:

Cardinal Seafoods                                     (07) 3865 1665

GE Mallan Bulk Meats                                (07) 3848 4708

GMN / Vegie Prepi                                       (07) 3278 2240

Hillman Meat Company                             (07) 3279 0370

Homestyle Bakeries                                   (07) 4687 5000

Lion Dairy and Drinks                                 (07) 3823 7607

Parmalat Australia                                       (07) 3840 0974

Queensland Frozen Food Services          0418 716 105

Top Cut Foods                                              (07) 5568 8888


DETE101160 Groceries, Dry Goods and Food Related Packaging for the Whole of State

Provision of groceries, food related packaging, fresh bread and dairy.

Preferred Suppliers:

Bidvest Australia                                        (07) 3823 8710

Executive Distributors                               (07) 4613 4455

Homestyle Bakeries                                 (07) 4687 5000

Parmalat Australia                                     (07) 3840 0974

Tip Top Bakeries                                        (07) 3826 4500

Quote the above arrangement numbers when placing orders to ensure you receive the DETE specific prices.


In this article, we have focussed on the food options, however, there are a range of other items and services available including;

  • library resources,
  • text books, school uniforms,
  • sports equipment,
  • travel insurance,
  • hardware, hand and Power tools,
  • electrical consumables,
  • arts and crafts,
  • school science kits,
  • industrial gases,
  • debt collection and
  • welding consumables.



For more information of any of these items,  price lists or any other additional information contact the Department:

Email –

Phone – 1300 366 3612 (Select option 3)