The grocery gap– making the most of what you’ve got!

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Vegetables and fruits are important for growing children and teenagers. Unfortunately Australians are not eating enough fruits and vegetables.  Sometimes access to fresh fruit and vegetables can be challenging however there are some tricks to get a variety of nutritious and affordable food onto tuckshop and household menus.

Frozen fruits and vegetables:frozen vegetables

  • They are the ultimate super healthy shortcut. Not only do they contain the same amount of nutrients, but they also do not require washing, peeling or chopping.
  • Frozen veggies can be chief ingredients for a variety of recipes such as stir  fries, spaghetti bolognese, rice dishes, savoury mince and hotpots.
  • Frozen berries are a cheaper option than fresh and a great alternative for recipes such as fruit muffins and homemade muesli bars. They are useful for making fruit salads.

They come in a can:

  • Canned legumes are quick and ready to use for salads, soups, burger patties, stews, casseroles and healthy meat balls.

Freeze your own vegetables:Chopping Veg

  • If you have access to affordable fresh vegetables irregularly, you can purchase plenty when they are available, chop them up and freeze them yourself.  These can be used in cooked dishes at a later date.  Carrots, broccoli, beans and onions all freeze well.

Most recipes can be adapted to use either frozen and canned fruits and vegetables in place of fresh. So remember to get creative with how to include fruit and vegetables in your tuckshop and home meals.



Article written by Kobe Odgers