Community Projects

Using story time to promote vegetables and fruit to young children

Community Projects

Partners:  Queensland AEDI Community Action Grant


The project targeted parents and families living in Caboolture, Caboolture South and Deception Bay.


The storybook sessions aimed to encourage local families and carers of 3 year old children to:

  • Read aloud and share stories together, to promote language, literacy skills and brain development
  • Recognise perceived enjoyment of different vegetables and fruit, thus increasing acceptability of these foods
  • Convey and reinforce health messages, to promote positive changes in children’s eating, especially their willingness to try a wider variety of vegetables and fruit,  and in their physical activity behaviours
  • Gain confidence, skills and awareness on the importance of healthy eating particularly in increasing vegetable and fruit intake
  • Adopt and promote healthy lifestyle behaviours


NAQ delivered 14 storytime sessions across Caboolture, Caboolture South and Deception Bay. Free copies of the storybook were distributed to children who attended the sessions.

The storybook and storytime sessions have continued to be popular and have led to investment by the Department of Education and Training for NAQ Nutrition to develop a second storybook: “We’re growing a rainbow”. This book is also used in the delivery of the Rainbow storytime sessions.

The storybooks continue to be  purchased by parents, libraries, early childhood settings, schools and health professionals.


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