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A Food Safety Appraisal can help to identify if your service is carrying out appropriate safe food handling practices and providing a safe food environment for children and staff. A Food Safety Appraisal is intended for OSHC settings that are not required to have an authorised Food Safety Audit as part of their licensing requirements but still wish to ensure a high standard of food safety.

If you hold a food business license and are required to have a Food Safety Audit carried out by a government authorised food safety auditor, please refer to our Food Safety Audits.

During the Food Safety Appraisal a OSHC Dietitian/Nutritionist will visit your setting for 1.5hrs during a mealtime to observe the meal preparation, serving and clean up. The Dietitian/Nutritionist will complete an observation checklist, ask to view copies of your food safety policies and prepare a report of the findings.

For OSHC settings not required to hold a food business license, OSHC Food Safety Appraisals are an excellent way to demonstrate compliance with the National Quality Standards, in particular Element 2.1.3 – Effective hygiene practices are promoted and implemented.

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