Food Foundations is Queensland’s leading early years nutrition and food safety program. Food Foundations can assist settings with meeting their requirements under the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standard and provides support to educators and parents.

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Our Nutrition in Outside School Hours Care (NOSHC) Program can help ensure that OSHC settings throughout Queensland can meet and exceed the food and nutrition related principles of the National Quality Standards (NQS) and My Time Our Place Framework

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Supporting quality of life with optimal nutrition. We provide nutrition, menu planning and food safety advice and services in Queensland.

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Working together to build wellness in the workplace.

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Working together to build nourished communities

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Welcome to LEAPS (Learning, Eating, Active Play, Sleep). An innovative project supporting Early Childhood Educators to implement The National Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Guidelines for Early Childhood Settings (Get Up & Grow guidelines).  Resources compiled below remain freely available for educators and professionals to use.


OSHC – February 2024
Apple Berry Crumble
OSHC – January 2024
Food Foundations December 2023
Food Foundations November 2023
Egg Bites
Cheesy Tuna Pesto Pasta
Lunchbox Finger Foods for Under 5’s
Packing a Lunchbox for Under 5’s
OSHC – December 2023
OSHC Subscriber Webinar – Reducing Food Waste
Temperature Danger Zone poster
One Pot Tomato and Chicken Pasta
OSHC – November 2023
One Pot Tomato and Chicken Pasta
Savoury Platter
Savoury Platter
Food Foundations October 2023
Menu Planning in Queensland ECEC Settings
OSHC – October 2023
OSHC Subscriber Webinar – Food Exposure and Exploration
OSHC – September 2023
Food Foundations September 2023
Food Foundations August 2023
Yoghurt Pizza Bases – Kids Cooking Activity
Banana Pancakes
Rice Paper Rolls
OSHC – August 2023
Fruit and Vegetable Guessing Game
Veggie Loaded Spaghetti Bolognaise
Veggie Loaded Spaghetti Bolognaise
Food Conversations with Kids
Food Foundations July 2023
Food Foundations June 2023
Food Foundations May 2023
Food Foundations April 2023
Food Foundations March 2023
Food Foundations February 2023
A Better Choice Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Sport and Recreation Facilities